Prescription pain killer pills overdoses

Buy percocet online to avoid overdose. This is a growing problem in the world now as it is more common for women now.

Prescription pain killer overdose kills over 18 women a day in the United States. Recording more than 6,600 death in 2010. This is a growing problem for women . I suggest the government should setup and organization that will ensure drug abuse goes to its minimum.

Though prescription pain killers overdose is more likely to kill men, (more than 10,000 deaths in 2010) the gap between men and women is closing. The number women who die of prescription pain killer has risen more than men. From 1999, the percentage increase in deaths was more than 400% among women compared to 265% in men. This increase is as a result of increased prescribing of this drug. Health care providers can help improve the way painkillers are prescribed while making sure women have access to safe, effective pain treatment.


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In Conclusion

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